A hackerspace weekend (virtual) festival

Friday October 16, 2020: evening
Saturday October 17, 2020: afternoon and evening
Sunday October 18, 2020: afternoon

An virtual/online hackerspace festival over a weekend featuring live presentations, panels, performances, and online gaming play sessions.

Admission by donation, proceeds to support Skullspace

Submit your pitch for presentation, panel, performance or play session that would be of interest to a hackerspace community by email to Mark Jenkins mark@parit.ca.

Though the goal is to have most presentations and performances given live, we will make exceptions for pre-recorded sessions if they consist of exceptional material being publicly showcased for the first time or if it features a Manitoba resident from a community under represented in hacker spaces.

$50 honorariums are available for a limited number sessions scheduled early, submit your pitch ASAP to be eligible.


Friday October 16, 2020

Saturday October 17, 2020

Sunday October 18, 2020

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